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I try on more $70 Budget Cosplays. Including Levi, Gojou, Beastars, Highschool DxD JoJo's and many more cosplayer to cosplay.

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Thumbnail art provided by Sakuchan:

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Intro Animation By Keegan Lorne:

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CDawgVA 6 hónapja
Here we go again
Transcended 8 napja
I knew what it was when you put on the skirt so what am I?
Transcended 8 napja
living in japan and buying things from a certain country is kinda a dick move in consideration language
artturi siikanen
Nomik T
Nomik T Hónapja
What is this cosplay website? so I can avoid it
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 3 hónapja
"Worst thing in the world 70$ cosplay"
IGalactic HeroI
Connor beleives dinosaurs existed at the same time as neaderthals.
YamiAlex224 11 napja
YamiAlex224 11 napja
I wear all black 🖤🐈‍⬛
Bylli. -
Bylli. - 11 napja
why was this on my birthday
Star L
Star L 14 napja
I love the pokéball sound!
artturi siikanen
Just some guy without hair
0:56 Damn Grant really be changing his name on a daily
Kat go
Kat go 17 napja
Had me laugh crying the whole time especially the life gaurd bit
Otooto Homuran
Otooto Homuran 17 napja
How much waste does Connor produce a month?
Swagat Biswal
Swagat Biswal 18 napja
I thought Connor is cosplaying as Bisky from HunterxHunter when he pulled out that Tequila Joseph 🤣
Michelle Kok
Michelle Kok 19 napja
just send me all your costumes so I can go to cons xDDDDD
Nicole Himbeerfalter
I love the Legoshi Cosplay! 😍😆
Deeb 28 napja
I love how Cdawg invites his buddies over to watch him play dress up and they stay for the whole session…good friends are hard to find.
Onimedia Drew
Onimedia Drew Hónapja
I was having a crappy day but watching this in bed made it a little better.. thank you
Felix Hónapja
Sydney looks like a lawyer with that fit.
Aaron Page
Aaron Page Hónapja
Is it bad that I knew it was gonna be Highschool dxd... Just from the skirt
KayKovo Hónapja
Gojo Rick lmao I love it
iji poop
iji poop Hónapja
I almost died laughing at the levi cosplay with the wrong wig, idk why but it was so funny to me
Wolfgang 1113
Wolfgang 1113 Hónapja
cant believe there wasnt any One Piece cosplays already
I like anime
I like anime Hónapja
0:01 goku ackerman
Una Glambek
Una Glambek Hónapja
fun fact about me: I am taller hen Levi an i am under avrage hight for my age
Vanaris Hónapja
Poor evan has to wear everything connor says he has to.
1iving deadgr1
1iving deadgr1 Hónapja
Bwahaha🤣 that wig I was trying to figure out what it reminded me of, friken vegeta
Soni Zamora
Soni Zamora Hónapja
Bloodstained Alyss
13:41 it looks like you're putting bdsm gear over clothes.
Mary Moo U3U
Mary Moo U3U Hónapja
He could cosplay Grelle with that red wig
Jacob Joost
Jacob Joost Hónapja
There are four season of the double d I have seen them all I would know
Zita Szemeli
Zita Szemeli Hónapja
Connor: I'm worried about you guys, how are you doing? Me: Everything's fine, I'm just watching a 20-ish random dude stripping and wearing tight-fitting shitty cosplays while slapping his ass... Everything's fine.
Stxuchii Hónapja
Really, if you guys want some really good cosplays $70 dollars or less, go to Doki doki cosplay. They're made with amazing materials etc.
Loko_Live_ 247
Loko_Live_ 247 Hónapja
First five seconds of the video and I'm thinking why dis British survey corps dude be shouting me to dress up
VividlyNeo Animates
i am a certified degenerate
김영준 Hónapja
6:31 My day is going fine. :)
Satou Animation
Satou Animation Hónapja
Wait giguk is there? Lmao nice
punchtothegut Hónapja
12:31 the best part is that on TOP of using his audio from his videos, she's also cosplaying his waifu Rem lol
punchtothegut Hónapja
why are Garnt and Sydney dressed so NICE? they look like they have a date planned after watching connor's shitty cosplays lol
Anime lover
Anime lover Hónapja
12:53 I'm watching these at night
Anime lover
Anime lover Hónapja
7:55 these part made me laugh so hard 😂🤣
Sadie Hónapja
As someone who in 2015 spent 2 hours and had their mom help them to put on the Attack on Titan harnesses, I am certified to say that the process of putting them on is confusing and it sucks
Smiddy621 Hónapja
Such curses holy crap. Garnt pulled out a really nice shirt for this shoot... a waste. Love the nametags he keeps coming up with for him though
S K Hónapja
did anyone else notice the "weirdet package" then saw the vacuum cleaner and made the connection?
specialthunder Hónapja
So who is telling Connor that High School DxD has 4 seasons?
Krolockinchen Hónapja
As a woman with a thing for kilts I fully cherish and support your bring-skirts-for-men-back-speech
Rose De Dax
Rose De Dax Hónapja
Awwwe the legoshi cosplay looks great lmao
Dorothy DeSantis
Wondering how I missed this video....also NOW that you moved where are you going to store your cosplays..
Megan Faith
Megan Faith Hónapja
To be Conner’s Neighbors under him listening to him violently yelling at himself while slapping his ass
benbulletdragon Hónapja
I agree! More men in skirts!
Tadeáš Hoppe
Tadeáš Hoppe 2 hónapja
still better Rias than S4.
Mr. Skerpentine
Mr. Skerpentine 2 hónapja
Connor as $70 Gojo looks like a weird surrealist musician you’d only known from their single appearing on Year 1 MTV
TaîRøne Yennille
TaîRøne Yennille 2 hónapja
this man literally found a practicala use for chest hair but no one bats an eye???
mr of darcknes
mr of darcknes 2 hónapja
StreamerSuil Pluck
StreamerSuil Pluck 2 hónapja
EVERY TIME you do a female/ gae cosplay like joseph, all you need big booba
Tomato Cultivator
Tomato Cultivator 2 hónapja
kyahhh donate me the costume dadeh--- i mean senpai😍🥴👉👈
Overlorf666 OW
Overlorf666 OW 2 hónapja
Conner: why is there 2 season of high school DxD Me a massive degenerate: umm.. there are actually 4
Just some guy without hair
is Conner Connor's brother? or is it Cannur's brother?
Jace 00
Jace 00 Hónapja
Have you found a good place to find an uncencored sub? Of the most recent season, to clarify.
Masterof 2020
Masterof 2020 2 hónapja
Yuna Balilo
Yuna Balilo 2 hónapja
I'm sorry... But my mom thought you where 33😃😭
gods_lie 2 hónapja
yuji we're going on an adventure
Silent Antagonist
Silent Antagonist 2 hónapja
One day he will make everyone he knows dress in all these cosplays and make a musical
Evil_eyegaming d
Evil_eyegaming d 2 hónapja
my eyes skip pass 6:53 to 7:12 you will thank me loln
Jadzia Schierbeek
Jadzia Schierbeek 2 hónapja
Okay is it bad that I already knew it was Rias when he only had the pink skirt on. 😅😂
Angus 2 hónapja
Yuki Smith
Yuki Smith 2 hónapja
If he doesn’t just set up a resell shop for all of the costumes..... I want that swimsuit😐
Mr Mahmood
Mr Mahmood 2 hónapja
Ok I’m hoping you respond to this, I’m looking for a good gojo costume for under 120 and I was hoping you could help
I am a certified degenerate
0:51 *yoonbum and sangwoo entered the chat*
Rare 2 hónapja
There's 4 seasons
CEO of kyle
CEO of kyle 2 hónapja
After my girlfriend left me, your videos made me happy, thank you for that
WingPupperSaikou 2 hónapja
milktea please
milktea please 2 hónapja
I'm sorry but your so scary in cosplay🤣
Shane Clarius
Shane Clarius 2 hónapja
Who's gonna tell Connor that Highschool DxD has 4 seasons?
Kenma kazume
Kenma kazume 2 hónapja
They really called biscuit hisoka-
ALonelyLeek 2 hónapja
14:51 this definitely awoke something in someone
Angel Phantomhive
Angel Phantomhive 2 hónapja
7:46 I thought he actually got Filthy Frank to voice the scene because I had my back to my computer for ten seconds. I went back and saw the actual clip and sighed in relief.
Sydney Holtzman
Sydney Holtzman 2 hónapja
I'm watching this for the second time and everytime someone says Sydney's name I look up. Haha, love this
Shai Holmes
Shai Holmes 2 hónapja
You should do $100 dollar cosplay
Menacing Monster
Menacing Monster 2 hónapja
The levi attaches the chest peice i think. I looks cool aswell :)
Emily King
Emily King 3 hónapja
this man is only 2 years older than me what the actual fuck
Ahmad Ameen
Ahmad Ameen 3 hónapja
The hair is just Levi trying to add extra centimeters to his height 😅😂😂😂😂
Lonely Black Hole -
Hello sir can I buy one of the costumes
aiden banks
aiden banks 3 hónapja
Why is he the best cross dresser
depression 3 hónapja
i want jotaro cosplay
Spec Tran
Spec Tran 3 hónapja
U look gay with the rias costume
Mr Alt
Mr Alt 3 hónapja
*sees second skirt piece* OH ITS RIAS! Connor: If you know this one already Me: :DDDD Connor: You are a certified degenerate Me: ...
GooseOn60FPS 3 hónapja
I have a problem, I recognized the high schools dxd cosplay immediately from the uniform
Animater 19
Animater 19 3 hónapja
thats not legoshi thats lagurshi
Al-Kahiri 3 hónapja
14:20 what's that titan's power? -it's over nine thousaaaaand!!! 😂😂
Squibel 3 hónapja
Perhaps once he gets to $200 the quality will improve 🤔
Rui Lower Moon 5
Rui Lower Moon 5 3 hónapja
Midlife-crisis Gojo 😂😂😂
the kira
the kira 3 hónapja
3:37 i hate how even Conor knows i am a degenerate
Jay Fry
Jay Fry 3 hónapja
I mean, with just the skirt and shirt it could be any of the girls from DxD (or even Gasper). It wasn't until we saw the wig that we'd know which one. That being said, I did know it was someone from Highschool DxD from the skirt alone.
Raei 3 hónapja
Why is he so hot
Scryer_569 3 hónapja
"Why is there two seasons?" Connor, Highschool DxD has 4.
Scryer_569 3 hónapja
@Mr Alt of course, although I was highly turned off of the series when they changed art style.
Mr Alt
Mr Alt 3 hónapja
multiple specials and multiple OVAs and enough source material for like 10 seasons
moonfox529 3 hónapja
That last cosplay tho.🤣
Pranav Wadodkar
Pranav Wadodkar 3 hónapja
I genuinely thought that he was cosplaying of Bible black and more so convenienced when he said "if you guessed it, you're a degenerate" but then he showed rias's image and I thought now I get it, it's more wholesome than I guessed 😂😂
Jaz Moo
Jaz Moo 3 hónapja
I love tequila Joseph!!!!
H0peNDream 3 hónapja
For some reason, Connor cosplay as Rias make me wanna watch High School DXD again
ashiya029kaulitz 3 hónapja
oddly enough rias' costume at the top part looks good on connor haha
Weeb-u Breafs
Weeb-u Breafs 3 hónapja
Honestly the Levi costume is probably the best in all these videos 20/10
Garret Wadden
Garret Wadden 3 hónapja
Wait evan used to make 6 figures dammmmm
Josefa Guerrero
Josefa Guerrero 3 hónapja
Shingeki cosplay looks accurate, maybe is Levi after partying all night (?)
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