I Tried Japan's Craziest Girl's Bar 

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The Girls Bar:

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Ben Fox
Ben Fox Órája
Kaho is stunning . The end
Just a random curse
7:45 life might be tough. But I'm never eating that
Beet0pp 20 órája
Veridis Joe says it's black face, honestly the dumbest take I've seen when talking about Gyaru
glegos 22
glegos 22 Napja
Sandra Potato
Gyaru girls are actually Latinas undercover. I would get along so well with them lmao
Tommy Tanks
Tommy Tanks 2 napja
"You pay a premium for girls to talk to you" every weeb: my time has come
Desmondos 2 napja
gyaru to me are a bit like the "dumb blondes" we have in the west. hence the mediocre food and unsophisticated atmosphere
notfred1233 2 napja
Everyone needs more friends like Kaho.
sarah p
sarah p 2 napja
not me crying over the phone! So sweet!
Confetti :p
Confetti :p 3 napja
OBI 3 napja
The nails freak me out
Elizabeth Boccabello
The Gyaru girl with the gray hair killed me when she screamed lmao
i Rostom G9
i Rostom G9 3 napja
what a stupid silly culture
Joe Lin
Joe Lin 3 napja
I'd rather go to the gay sauna. .
Joe Lin
Joe Lin 3 napja
Spent twenty years in Asia and this video reminds me of all those awkward experiences all rolled into one!
Desmondos 2 napja
Especially the grey haired one.. I think thats a dude. EDIT: I turned out she was lol. Her voice is annoying though
Mr RS Visuals
Mr RS Visuals 4 napja
She got you a freakin Jojo phone!!!!!! Bruh go buy a ring and propose right now!!!
gakino // nocomply
Melody B.
Melody B. 5 napja
the absolute chaos that this video emits is impeccable
LIghtBulb 5 napja
my dumbass had both captions going and i couldnt figure out why
Bear 6 napja
So much estrogen in the air 😁
Desislav Velchev
I didn't know the Japanese legal system was advanced enough to employ a dolphin in drag, we can learn so much from them!
KFlex Fantastic
Something something alcohol because I’m British. No dude you’re just a fuckin alcoholic like the rest of us 🥴
POÑO 8888
POÑO 8888 7 napja
WTF !!!! Cummmer LGBTQLMNO
Leidenfrost 7 napja
if i would have stumbled in that bar i would have automatically assumed that i am in a brothel....
Barokai Rein
Barokai Rein 7 napja
Wait japanese beauty ''god I hate the word'' Influencers don't have drama? Fuck me everywhere else drama is what they're best known for and the actual fashion part is like secondary.
thexbigxgreen 7 napja
So Gyaru is basically just Japanese Jersey Shore?
Punzie Pyon
Punzie Pyon 7 napja
Keichami seems like so much fun!
Loren Bradley
Loren Bradley 7 napja
i hate ads but connor's voice makes it ok
Loren Bradley
Loren Bradley 7 napja
also my cats keep trying to join your channel with their fucking paws all over my keyboard.
synth -chan
synth -chan 7 napja
As soon as she said she likes Utena/Ikuhara, asksflhgfjhfd I LOVE HER SHE'S THE BEST ONE AAAA
casillas jerry
Chicken balls? Lol.
Hafizh 8 napja
04:08 I now have an idea of how Connor kisses. It's rather disturbing tbh.
Kenzie Dayne
Kenzie Dayne 8 napja
Pretty nice gift for someone who is "just a friend". Don't know her situation but maybe she's hoping for more?
Lechronn 8 napja
bro i think that girl is crushing on you tough and shes super cute and seems super nice. just saying. gave you a phone cuz it had jojo on it. like legit she saw a $500+ thing and said it has a small lil symbol my friend would like, im gonna get it for him. she likes you for sure
An ad popped up while i was watching and i was about to scream but... IT WAS AN F-ING HAIKYUU CHRISTMAS SWEATER AD!!!!! so i watched the entire thing.😌
Erick R
Erick R 9 napja
Is gyaru like ganguro?
ZARDKIN PlAyS 9 napja
That last girl reminds me of Janice from friends 😂
Mr Cool
Mr Cool 10 napja
I cant stand these types of men so annoying ! 😡 he is also very plain also is that woman his gf because she is way too good for him on a far higher level
They are like a Japanese version of Essex girls 🤣🤣
R U JELLY? 10 napja
I have been following kaho in Twitter for a while now for obviously reasons 👀🤤 what I didn't know is that she speaks English so well 😯 even better than mine 🤣
Jason James
Jason James 11 napja
Thank you for warning me about this place
Emil Kingsley
Emil Kingsley 11 napja
''Meeting people with some cool stories'' *proceeds to show the gyaru showing how they wipe their butts*
David Petrowski
David Petrowski 11 napja
I was under the impression that "Gyaru" as a trend or fashion statement was a rebellious youth culture that came about in response to Japanese cultures repressive nature. Please tell me if i am wrong lol.
Jenna R.
Jenna R. 11 napja
“ Pterodactyl screams* “That’s her vibe! ✌🏻”
ShayAway 12 napja
I feel like I'd be so shy around these girls, they have so much energy ahaha
long le
long le 12 napja
Kaho seems like she would be fun to hang out with
EXepTioNN 12 napja
9:05 with those long nails and chanting it sounds like Conana has been cursed
Alexander Skold
Alexander Skold 12 napja
Great video
Over Salt
Over Salt 12 napja
7:07 Its like being back in WW1 lmao.
Nai 94
Nai 94 12 napja
I dunno, I just love Connor
Peasant 12 napja
Connor has a gyaru fetish and didnt know how to handle the pressure 😂
Raijin Sun
Raijin Sun 12 napja
what is a WIUMBW?
Kyle Phariss
Kyle Phariss 12 napja
I’ve slowly fallen for this dorky British man 😭😭😭😭
karldammann 12 napja
That was not a JoJo phone worthy hug my dude!
Brittney Self
Brittney Self 13 napja
I feel for my other trans sisters in japan. stay strong
Partha W. Yoga
Partha W. Yoga 13 napja
Have you ever try the Tsundere Cafe?
Hunter Lybarger
Hunter Lybarger 13 napja
Future Connor is so tense.
Marjorie Schreurs
the last girl was just sort of.... too much. waaaaaay too much... I don't usually cringe at stuff, but this made me shrink into oblivion. I'm sure she's nice though. Her nails are fashionable too.
Sarah Alexander
Sarah Alexander 13 napja
.... are you sure you wanted to be there ..... 🙄
Raw Academy
Raw Academy 13 napja
Man I saw I an old geezer fuc*ing kaho...now my mood is mood 🙄
Ruel Capistrano Jr.
Oh 14 napja
1:07 as a girl, I need to ask How do you wipe your ass with nails like that
Ultradude 14 napja
They say "Gyaru" 500 times. Still don't know exactly what a Gyaru is or does.
Kat go
Kat go 14 napja
omg next he should try long nails lol
drue driwood
drue driwood 14 napja
you gotta one up her now.
Josh 14 napja
Connor you’re so awkward lol. Kaho loves you as a very good friend. Please reciprocate that friendship in an unawkward way 😭
Riley 15 napja
So is gyaru just average white girl?
NEKOmancer 15 napja
10:50 That girl just went full monke in the background
Mark Chang
Mark Chang 15 napja
9:19 Just clap. It will all be over soon.
Mark Chang
Mark Chang 15 napja
6:14 Conan The Barbarian.
Tsunami Tiger
Tsunami Tiger 15 napja
I know they are just friends but there relationship is so fucking adorable
Alen Devlin
Alen Devlin 15 napja
AllyRat e
AllyRat e 15 napja
From gyaru I've met it feels like a running gag that they can't cook so it feels right they only serve canned food there
Ajiemas Pangestu
Why looks so dead inside?
C S 15 napja
So, Gyaru is clearly a Japanese impression of American culture of the Jersey Girl-stereotype / porn actress inspired genre. It's kinda like their version of blackface, but the template is Paris Hilton in the "Simple Life" or 2021 Tana Mongeau. I think it's a step that all cultures go through in their journey of accepting things that are very different. First a caricaturized imitation, then it gets more subtle and then integration / merging. I wonder if somewhere, on a different planet, there are aliens with glass bowls on their head monkeying around pretending to breathe air as if it's the funniest and most exotic thing in the world.
Erika R
Erika R 16 napja
This bar looks amazing! Added it to the list of places to go to and drag my fiancé to! Looks so cute and fun but love that it’s women ran 💖
Eric Corsi
Eric Corsi 16 napja
ROFL, British man tries to explain emotions... Or is it just Connor being Connor, we may never know... :-P
Valherjar 16 napja
Why is gyaru just visually basic white girl look ;-; but i guess the personalities of irl ones is way different
Pavle Ševaljević
Cringed to death
Myrre 16 napja
Just be honest.. You hated being there :)
Danyal Inam
Danyal Inam 16 napja
ive never been so uncomfortable watching a video
Mester -ix
Mester -ix 16 napja
I understand not wanting attention. I would've killed myself if was there
Mester -ix
Mester -ix 16 napja
I understand not wanting attention. I would've killed myself if was there
Matilda Mikkonen
The second hostess' hair style was so cute! 💗
bugjuice 16 napja
I frickin love these videos
Sentralia 17 napja
Kaho is my favorite🤣
WhyteDem0n 17 napja
Jeebus. Just watching this made me feel...exhausted.
Pakesh De
Pakesh De 17 napja
Conner you are being rickrolled by a sweet pretty girl and her friends, accept it. Now suck up some more lovely tinnies of mystery meat and have a blast..revenge does come in a can now you know :).
Tomm Bry
Tomm Bry 17 napja
so much visible pain in Conners face :D it hurts me just to watch, the cringe is real xD
Elmo The Fried Waffle King
Any former gyarus watching this 😭
boukenlou2 17 napja
Kaho is so awesome! I hope she appears on more of your videos
KimchiYeo 17 napja
Instead of Detective Conan being japanese mascot they should use Kaho, she seems to be a regular all over the country xD
KimchiYeo 17 napja
The canned food shows that none of these females can actually cook. xD so expensive and you get catfood xD
ChamberK 18 napja
I think that screeching midway through gave me tinnitus.
111nikol 18 napja
conana = corona?
British Gypsum4
British Gypsum4 18 napja
Do make more videos on interesting bars though. It would be interesting to see what other ones are hidden that are worth a visit. I heard of one in Roppongi that is an old Railway carriage and would love to visit if it is still there when I head out next year. I think it was called Train Bleu off the top of my head.
British Gypsum4
British Gypsum4 18 napja
Connor really doesn't look like he enjoyed this experience!!! Smile Connor!
Der Martinez
Der Martinez 18 napja
OMG.... Kaho is extremly cute ;D ;D ;D
SPASMØDIC 18 napja
It's like you back in Essex or the likes ..
Lukas Hüning
Lukas Hüning 18 napja
That must have been an interesting experience 😅
Pasta Sauce
Pasta Sauce 18 napja
144p life. That plate looks like a pizza. Side note I live in Canada just on a farm in the middle of no where.
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