I Tried Japan's PIG Cafe 

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Modest Life
Modest Life 7 órája
loved the xbox achievement
Anna Y.W.
Anna Y.W. Napja
What if... Bird cafe
lm 5 napja
Mama McFadden
Mama McFadden 7 napja
Women don't work? That was the most ignorant and stupid thing I've heard today.
Grimo play Wakfu MMORPG tactical PC
demon waifu... ahh mr. josh strife hayes has video about that
Crystal Johnson
So cute
ASW Wrestling
ASW Wrestling 9 napja
“You come here just chat right and just… omg there’s a new pig”😂😂
Armor Bearer
Armor Bearer 9 napja
(5:33)Who are these other families? Not a lot of people in Japan have space for a large old pig.
DannyT 10 napja
This would be really awesome... if micropigs actually existed...
shin ronin
shin ronin 10 napja
that pig at 9:40 made a jojo reference
Steven Coffin
Steven Coffin 10 napja
"Why do I not be popular with pigs?" Oh Connor, if only Sebastian could hear how bad your grammar has gotten.
Xnoob Speakable
Xnoob Speakable 11 napja
haram moment 😱😱🕋🕋
Andi&Dukz 11 napja
p i g i n t h e t o i l e t
Jk 1997
Jk 1997 12 napja
I wish cats acted like pigs 😂😂😭
Sea Cat
Sea Cat 12 napja
Link to this pig cafe? Also does kaho have a YT channel? Haha
Magical Traveller by Not Just Travel
Welsh massive unite! Never would have guessed you were Welsh as there isn’t a hint of an accent at all. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Patty king
Patty king 15 napja
They have a dynamic that works really well and I ship them but I know there just friends
Aponina Apů
Aponina Apů 16 napja
No no no this is not cruel, go stay week with pigs, they are pretty interesting and stubborn and this must be heaven for them :) and stay calm about hedgehogs, is only one wild animal who is oukej with taming :) and they can become wild in second
Virgil Bennett
Virgil Bennett 17 napja
Hate to be a downer guys but there is no such thing as a "micro pig". Pigs are large animals and even pot belly pigs are as large as a medium dog and heavy af. Tiny pigs are created through unethical inbreeding and underfeeding/malnutrition to stunt their growth causing a myriad of health problems. I know, we all love the idea of a tiny pig cafe but this practice is messed up and should be stopped asap.
billy bob
billy bob 20 napja
Miniature pigs don't exist
Lisa PianoCoverCollection
It’s very adventurous. I love these kind of content. Please upload more like theses.. By the way were there any truffles?
Lisa PianoCoverCollection
For me, I would love tiny chicks cafe 🐣. I love holding baby chicks. It’ll so cute and cuddling to actually pet them, feed them with seeds. Just see them walking around, chirping and etc. I even like parrot cafe or tropic cafe full with birds. they’re really adorable expect for ostriches. They’re not friendly and they’re pecking hurts. Nope.
Jeff Helmberg
Jeff Helmberg 21 napja
Eating a donut with utensils just seems wrong
Agustín 23 napja
Am I the only one disgusted that he washed his hands with his sleeves down
KP P 27 napja
6:46 ngl, that pig is a lucky bastard
anime /nightcore
i want a micro pig tooo :(
soloartman Hónapja
jeremy johnson
jeremy johnson Hónapja
face palm micro pigs don't exist
Usman Salim
Usman Salim Hónapja
Kaho is too thic for an Asian girl and I like it! I don't understand how she doesn't have dudes simping over her!
Luke Krause
Luke Krause Hónapja
Connor: *sponsored by demon wifu* Me: "I wonder If this is what inspired Connor to become Bubi with Ironmouse..."
Jaiden Hailey peña
11:14 i wish im a pig
spenny Hónapja
"are you going to pee on me?" "Who asks that, Kaho?" Connor, you may be unaware of the industry in which Kaho used to work
rachelkawaii Hónapja
I would love to watch the story of how Connor adopted his own micropig someday
Arkmen Twice
Arkmen Twice Hónapja
Question who made ur thumbnail cuz i want a jojo pfp
Samuru Hónapja
Watching this while waiting for my pulled pork to be ready.
Jerome FitzRoy
Jerome FitzRoy Hónapja
Hopefully there’s no bacon on the menu
Lilly Jordan
Lilly Jordan Hónapja
I should come here because I am a pig
Connor. Just marry her.
J.H Hónapja
He wants an micro-p
Right Sprite Retro Gaming UK
It is great when our little country gets a shoat out, always surprises seeing people from other countries know about it. What part of Wales are you from??. Oh guess you can't share that actually... Probably. Love the channel, Conner and you collaborations. All the best and diolch yn fawr. Hav you tried confusing Japanese people with the Welsh language yet lol.?
LemoNanora111 Hónapja
Kahlo is Connor's version of Risottoro
Mila O'Dea
Mila O'Dea Hónapja
me walking past my local police station:
Jay Allen
Jay Allen Hónapja
Micropigs aren't actually real, they are just under fed to keep them small.
John Power
John Power Hónapja
Micro pigs don’t actually exist and are not a breed. They’re created from malnourished pot belly pigs. Starvation stunts their growth. Ita messed up.
jessie love
jessie love Hónapja
this cafe is so cute
charlizard Hónapja
out loud?
Squishy Bunch
Squishy Bunch Hónapja
Is that a tpn face mask?
Twyla Proctor
Twyla Proctor Hónapja
I have a loving little doggy and I love him to bits but a pig would be a hell of a lot easier to train and deal with etc XD especially due to my pups personality
Susan Eberhardt
Susan Eberhardt Hónapja
This was uploaded on my bday, I LOVE pigs, I HAVE to go!
Bubbles Clover
Bubbles Clover Hónapja
Connor is the Stand User, Kaho is the Stand.
Noxious 002
Noxious 002 Hónapja
Damn kaho is packing😬
Aman Yati
Aman Yati Hónapja
Technoblade must like this cafe.
David Yodo
David Yodo Hónapja
Next Monkey Cafe
JermuHH Hónapja
Regarding hedgehogs, they actually make a great companion pet, as they are social animals, so pet hedgehogs are valid.
cale jenkins
cale jenkins Hónapja
japan even has a cafe themed around stephanie mckinnon
Tangerlemon Hónapja
"yeah wash those hands kaho." new fetish unlocked: _hand washing_
Jim Pickens
Jim Pickens Hónapja
When I was like 12 my family visited a market and I got to hold a baby pig in my arms🥰 Pigs are adorable
Rayquarizard Hónapja
With enough training, I bet that one pig could achieve the perfect Golden Spin
Adgeifc Hónapja
Oh they are adorable i need more of them I t a d a ka ki masu
Attakrus Hónapja
I definitely want to go here!
Melina Xheka
Melina Xheka 2 hónapja
no womder you fit in (IM SORRY)
Cabbage 2 hónapja
I do certanly like also when Spain is mentioned lol, its well known but only about the stereotipes lol.
Xyz Abc
Xyz Abc 2 hónapja
wow pigs have a fur...
Mr. Stripes
Mr. Stripes 2 hónapja
This is totally something I check out.
Jose Bustamante
Jose Bustamante 2 hónapja
hay paja chicos
Killz-Joyz 2 hónapja
People think im pretty clean *voice Crack*
aidansoe 2 hónapja
So wholesome
silver lily
silver lily 2 hónapja
That Xbox 360 achievement notification sound, just brought up a surge of happy memories from my childhood :')
silver lily
silver lily 2 hónapja
Mw2, halo: reach, left 4 dead 2 achievement hunts
Saxen Art
Saxen Art 2 hónapja
This makes you think and realize that eating pigs is actually so wrong. Look how cute and innocent they are.
Reanne in Japan
Reanne in Japan 2 hónapja
i just made a video about this same pig cafe!! it’s the BEST! i was so happy to see this on my recommended, those piggies were the CUTEST🥺❤️
Evil_eyegaming d
Evil_eyegaming d 2 hónapja
see he usa wont have that style of Cafe like that
Tsusaku Cohenat
Tsusaku Cohenat 2 hónapja
The only thing i am sad off, that i didn't visited an Owl cafe, when i was in Japan, and i was there 2 times. I did pet an owl though on a street where a cute girl was giving away a fliers for an Owl cafe.
Chizmar Farms
Chizmar Farms 2 hónapja
We found a similar Pig Cafe in China. Check it out hutown.info/base/vide/rWh90IVznYmtn8U.html
Branwen Day
Branwen Day 2 hónapja
Welsh Gang :D Represent!
I W I W A D 2 1
I W I W A D 2 1 2 hónapja
Yeahhhh... Korean raccoon cafes.... I've been to one before... Not only is it not fun for the raccoons, but it isn't really engaging either. Don't get me wrong the raccoons are adorable, but they steal and slash at people easily, so they are almost always in cages, and all you can really do is feed them. I don't know if it was just the place that I've been to but... I wouldn't really recommend them 😂
Emily Autumn
Emily Autumn 2 hónapja
The last time I saw a pig It was a suuuuper big animal. I'm so impress they are so tiny, they look beautiful !
Heiwa 2 hónapja
Connor: the pigs r from Wales... I'm from Wales... Me and the pigs...
Kingdomkey 22
Kingdomkey 22 2 hónapja
Amnesia: A weeb for pigs
Just Andrew
Just Andrew 2 hónapja
Ten Chan, more like Unit Chan.
Chum Chad
Chum Chad 2 hónapja
Imagine Gordon Ramsay went into that cafe. "My pork was still raw, it still says oink! Oink!
Epic Ivan CA
Epic Ivan CA 2 hónapja
I just wanna say... the waitresses are... :))))))))) CUTEEEE
i love wales hail ,,, llandudno
Minski 2 hónapja
I ship kaho with Connor for some reason
juan ._.
juan ._. 2 hónapja
11:13 "You are so popular with this pigs, why you are so popular? yeah, why? i cant see why?
Casie Chilcote
Casie Chilcote 2 hónapja
I adore Wales, cue my Mari Lwyd costume... lol
Maria Gomes
Maria Gomes 2 hónapja
The absolute joy Connor shows in this video really makes it shine and stand out from the rest, it had me smiling back! Hope you can meet the pigs again
Shay Dennis
Shay Dennis 2 hónapja
"Why do I not be popular with pigs" is my new favorite sentence
GlinkGlink 3 hónapja
Dude Kaho is the best trash taste member lmaooo. But for real I love Kaho she really is so cute and funny.
GlinkGlink 3 hónapja
Dude Kaho is the best trash taste member lmaooo. But for real I love Kaho she really is so cute and funny.
Alondra 3 hónapja
11:51 ahhhh so cute T-T I want to go to a pig cafe now
Avada Kedavra
Avada Kedavra 3 hónapja
It would be messed up if they served pork
Moira Menzelli
Moira Menzelli 3 hónapja
I want to go >.< so cute ~
Levi&AnjaAckerman 3 hónapja
Now he needs to go to the vampire cafe
Gaby Bautista
Gaby Bautista 3 hónapja
When will you go to a dog cafe? You already went to cat cafe and now pigs.
Goldenjuice Box
Goldenjuice Box 3 hónapja
Conor: I want to touch the pigs Me: Poor chose of words
Isac Rivera
Isac Rivera 3 hónapja
I'm not even weirded out by the pigs, or the cafe, I'm weirded out by the way Connor and Kaho eat their donuts ( 9:06 ), I've never seen someone eat a donut with utensils
Bakusen 3 hónapja
how the fuck do you get a license to open a place where ppl eat and animals piss in the same room
Paddzer 3 hónapja
Polneraff’s worst nightmare
Scrim75 3 hónapja
Polnerff toilet ptsd
justyouknow 3 hónapja
Wanted to add this to my Japan Trip with my boyfriend and we broke up a few days ago... Conner could you take me there?
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