I Try EVERY Japanese Alcohol Ft.  

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Me and Chris Broad try every Japanese Alcoholic drink to spectacular results. Enjoy me And Abroad In Japan slowly dying from the finest of Japanese Alcohol.

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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan 6 hónapja
The last third of this video is utter chaos. Of course our first collab together was this. Not some sort of cultural discussion or carefully crafted artistic masterpiece. Just two guys drinking alcohol in a room. Though to be fair, it was a lot more fun than I’d care to admit.
Spoonman 20 órája
Drinking alcohol with your friends is one of the best kinds of fun, if you trust them, or they are trustworthy.
Ramsay 9 napja
You got arseholed. Well done!
PushButt 28 napja
raymond grace
raymond grace Hónapja
I re-watch this every 2~4 weeks and it never fails to make me laugh like a maniac EVERY TIME ! XDDDD Hope to see more videos that involves alcohol again !
jama211 Hónapja
I think you forgot this when you said on the podcast you hadn't been drunk in around 18 months 😂😂😂
donovan huston
donovan huston 5 órája
Lmao me and Chris are the same person when we drink lol they way he kept pouring after you said stop lmao 🤣
donovan huston
donovan huston 5 órája
Lol I think it would be fun to drink with you guys lol
L Reid
L Reid 11 órája
I am a massive fan of Strong Zero its honestly the best pre drink or getting ready drink ever! Wish it was available in the UK. Next time I come Japan I may have to buy a case to bring home with me if they are going to stop making it.
The Lord of The Weebs
21:08 his small laugh at connor is hilarious. I want to drink with chris!
The Lord of The Weebs
0:15 sounds like heaven
Alex Hamilton
Alex Hamilton 19 órája
Chris, you turn into Jack Sparrow once you drink enough.
Rebecca H
Rebecca H Napja
Oh my goodness gracious.
Kenny Napja
very soon you will have more subs
Dromedda Napja
chris is that mate that insists to make you some "magic brew" and he wiffs of to the kitchen for 10 minutes and comes back with a "masterpiece of a drink" and its basically just warm vodka with some grape juice and some random item he found in the kitchen. And of course you have to drink it all otherwise you'll get in a serious and semi threatening conversation over appreciation and manners. thank you Joel for ruining my night with you homemade mead that made me shit myself. thanks mate
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas Napja
This is the best fucking video on the internet!
NatzoXavier /ナツオザビエル
I love how Chris' ears become more and more flushed for every drink.
YamiAlex224 2 napja
I'll drink with you Chris. We can get drunk and Connor can just play with kermit
YamiAlex224 2 napja
Mike's hard and Mike's harder will hit you Or the higher alochol white claws
Baudelio Muro
Baudelio Muro 3 napja
Me as a regularly-drunk Mexican, looking at Chris sh*t-faced on beer, alcopops, and whiskey @22:44: "Brother, you are an honorary Mexican by reacting like that with a straight face" xD
notfred1233 3 napja
Drunk chris is the best chris.
diebuekill 3 napja
“I don’t think there is any drink I have ever day that gets you as drunk as this”. Dude must have never had a 4loko. At 14% alcohol content they will ruin this man.
ammonium phosphate
I would’ve thrown up by the time I got to the sake lol
Random Otaku
Random Otaku 3 napja
I remembered when you did prank calls but in anime voices. I loved your videos back then and I still watch them now!
Komoru コモル
26:53 How people eat ass for the first time.
20:36 I didn't know they made Whiskey out of an OWL birb
jo2lianhua 5 napja
Your liver is screaming out please stop you're killing me
Rita Kanistik
Rita Kanistik 8 napja
Ramsay 9 napja
“What percentage is this cunt?” Has to be my favourite line in the whole video.
Elmer RedEagle
I think I'm about to watch this start to finish for like the 9th time cause its just hilarious the whole way through.
Elmer RedEagle
WAtching it again cause its just that good.
Russkij Nemez
Russkij Nemez 10 napja
as a german russian with a lot of experience in alcohol, i would have liked to drink all the stuff.
Boog ?
Boog ? 10 napja
"don't mix alcohol" uhh u know alcohol is alcohol, there's no difference and it's all in ur head
NeeksArt 11 napja
My favourite sake flavour is Yuzu. The only alcohol I actually like.
1312020 11 napja
Lmao drunk chris. Cheers! 🍺🥂🍸🍶
Dechen M
Dechen M 11 napja
Next up, trying all horoyoi flavours 👀👀
Janice Caravan
Janice Caravan 11 napja
So far, I’ve learned that most beer in Japan is bad.
Dominik Dominik
Dominik Dominik 12 napja
@20:07 another Per mille acquired. Permanent liver damage debuff added.
HAM 12 napja
what was the name of the last drink they had?
Rhin Forti
Rhin Forti 12 napja
thing I learned from this video: liquor is dirt cheap in japan
trex70 13 napja
Oh you fogot to mentioned that you are professionals.
ElementalDude97 14 napja
I don’t think I’ve laughed so much before
Roy Slapped
Roy Slapped 14 napja
21+ for americans! Actually Paint stripper taste pretty good!
Corey Frazier
Corey Frazier 15 napja
With my tolerance the way it is nowadays it would take me a few days to get through all those drinks and be able to describe them. Nice work boys. Chris could have used a bib and a bar towel
Doreen Brownlie
Doreen Brownlie 15 napja
I’m Australian- so I like a drink or three, the amount of alcohol was a little frightening but the fact that it was room temperature…disgusting
bro257 15 napja
Total bro goals. Love you guys
Husk 15 napja
Strong Zero Ume is my absolute favorite drink
Cogrum 15 napja
Man Chris was FEELING it toward the end of the video.
Ted Simon
Ted Simon 15 napja
I love what a terrible influence Chris is
Ibrahim Ali
Ibrahim Ali 15 napja
Chris Sensei you are VIP da big
I respect that you guys straight drank all of them, but you could've used a spit bowl/bucket/bin and avoid the hangover. But, this, this is quality content.
Invader Grimm
Invader Grimm 15 napja
Nah, if they can still read without closing one eye their not drunk enough 😜
Lisa Scharnagl
Lisa Scharnagl 15 napja
I love Chris in this lmao
Prototype Kev
Prototype Kev 15 napja
I would pay these guys $1 US each to recreate this video with them next time I’m in Japan. Are you up for the challenge boys ? 😈
Addicted To Loli
Connor's such a little baby b word
Valerie 17 napja
I'd love to know how the morning after was after this. LOL
AMML 17 napja
UnendingQuandry 17 napja
I salute you for this video, gentlemen. Odds are I'll be returning to Japan within the next year or 2 and this video should help me get an idea of what alcohol to look out for. Your sacrifice is not in vain. Cheers!
Sofia L
Sofia L 18 napja
What a p*ssy. *pours the drink away too*
Amanda Guerra
Amanda Guerra 18 napja
Can you eat the plums? I'd try.
Bk LeBlanc
Bk LeBlanc 18 napja
Chris is correct. Sapporo is the BEST Japanese beer!
Christian D.
Christian D. 18 napja
I feel like a combination of you both - the nice gay part of Connor and the crazy Chris; part of you both---i am drunk, sorry 4 the comment!... 🤣
Abby Nathan
Abby Nathan 19 napja
Connor. You’re fine. That’s all.
Chefy boy
Chefy boy 19 napja
Chris reminded me of my first time drinking at my friend's house when I was still in highschool. The constant "WHO ARE YOU?! WHO AM I?! DON'T BE A PUSSY, DRINK!" As everyone is shit faced. XD
Alexis Hopkins
Alexis Hopkins 19 napja
Are we sure Chris isn’t sponsored by Sapporo? If he isn’t he should be 😂
Billy Rowe
Billy Rowe 19 napja
I would love to go out drinking with Chris
Ham 'Housekeeping' Sarris
I'm halfway through a beer and by looking at daves relapse arc I feel so much more tipsy than I am
Mokongthe3 20 napja
Alt Title: "Two Drunk Bri'ish"
matt winward
matt winward 20 napja
30:24 Connor eats Paqui ghost pepper chips as a pallet cleanser?!
HelmasaurKing 21 napja
Jesus Christ this was 6 months ago? 😲
Pog Champ
Pog Champ 22 napja
who stared at the golden experience figure after he zoomed at it until the end of the video
lokesh reddy
lokesh reddy 22 napja
im feeling drunk just by looking at it
Spectral Fox
Spectral Fox 23 napja
Hey who knows what the background music in the video is called?
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly 23 napja
This is hilarious
✨hEnLo PeOpLe✨
*The fact they just drink asahi-*
Ben Gosling
Ben Gosling 23 napja
You haven't drank till your had several shots of Booker's Whisky at around 60% abv it's hands down the strongest thing I've drank had a few lighter drinks at a cousins 21st bday party then preceded to have shots of Booker's and only took 3 I think to knock me over lol, another guy who also drank a F load literally passed out. There were only a couple of us game enough to do shots of Booker's.
Dann JraD
Dann JraD 23 napja
It was so entertaining watching Chris getting more and more plastered as he's spilling drinks while trying to pour them.
Anonymous Anonymous
Imagine the brain cells and liver cells destroyed by this video alone.
Space Ray Engine
Two British blokes going on about beer... It's like watching two Germans rating stand-up comedy.
Aryama Chatterjee
14:02 I don't think they are doing too well.
JHolmes 25 napja
This gives off a strong "Connor wants to get into Chris' pants" vibes. I am all for it. HAHAHA
Pakesh De
Pakesh De 25 napja
Somewhere the trashman is commenting * wow 50 plus bottles in trash those two crazy guys sure can party!*
Writing Rwanda
I feel drunk watching this.
Orrphoiz 25 napja
Note to self: Sample the "that's acid, Chris" at 20:00 and turn it into a psytrance track.
Orrphoiz 25 napja
Should have invited Natsuki.
Holl C
Holl C 25 napja
29:38 :)
ElfAnglesMusic 25 napja
Love it
MrTimelord1 25 napja
How drunk was Chris when pouring the sake? Chris's pouring made my wife laugh
Casually Spelic
Casually Spelic 26 napja
I think this is my 12th time watching this video, or at least having it on in the background.
Casually Spelic
Casually Spelic 24 napja
Casually Spelic
Casually Spelic 24 napja
13th time.
Acleus 26 napja
Every time Chris says Calpis, all I can hear is "cow piss" for some reason
Ayman Siddiqui
Ayman Siddiqui 26 napja
Tsundare chris
Silverus 26 napja
This video is sooo good. LOL
Petar Lazarov
Petar Lazarov 26 napja
Balkan people laughing how u guys get drunk from only that xD
Cheeki Breeki
Cheeki Breeki 26 napja
23:37 it looks like a bottle of turpentine
INK _MAN 26 napja
Achievment get: how did we get here?
世代ゆとり 26 napja
Tone deafness
xbon1 27 napja
Alcohol is 20+ not 18! Respect Japan
Juh El
Juh El 27 napja
The drunker you get the less sensitive you are to the alcohol taste and the more pleasant alcoholic drinks taste. So how bad are the last few alcoholic drinks when they're drunk as a skunk and still retching from the taste?
Juh El
Juh El 28 napja
Shibuya Kaho: I'm a regular here. Chris Broad: o'right o'right, wots all dis den? Ah, yes. A refreshing break from the lady of the orient with Britain's own Karl Pilkington with hair.
Jazzifizzle No1
Jazzifizzle No1 28 napja
This is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen
Jazzifizzle No1
Jazzifizzle No1 28 napja
19:37 “you’ve just killed a French person”. Chris’ hearty laugh at that made me realize “oh yeah. Now they’re drunk”
Masta_B8 VODs
Masta_B8 VODs 12 napja
Breaking News: Two British boys living in Japan get absolutely sloshed whilst laughing after killing a Frency boy and rating as many alcohols and spilling on a table and everywhere else possible
Dave Lewis
Dave Lewis 28 napja
potato sake? so.... vodka then surely?
Evy 28 napja
The u.k calls hard seltzers ....alchopops
Dave Lewis
Dave Lewis 28 napja
Chris is a Tory: confirmed
Katie Peterson
Katie Peterson 28 napja
I love the slow descent into slurring that happened here. I had to eventually turn on subtitles XD.
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