I Try EVERY Japanese Coffee 

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I bought as many Japanese Coffee's as possible and tried them. I thought I would be the perfect man to review all these Coffee. I do love the Coffee in Japan, lets see which is the best.

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Gamer Cat
Gamer Cat 12 órája
That time I rememberd a product placement in Yakuza KIWAMI 2... It was fu****g BOSS coffie!
How can you *hate sugar?*
Nope NotGonna
Nope NotGonna 2 napja
I am jealous of how amazing 7-11 is in Japan. US 7-11s are dumpster fires.
Streax 2 napja
"a lot of coffee 4-5 cups" damn Conner i drink 10-13 cups a day at least yes i have a problem
marko19914 2 napja
at 2:29 - I had a 8 day trip to Tokyo. That's literally my realization on the 8th day of my stay in Tokyo, when I was figuring what to get in a konbini in Yanaka, Nippori. Ended up asking for ホットコーヒー instead of going for the canned hot coffee myself. Guess what, the shop assistant in the konbini was smart enough to guide me to the coffee machine. I guess Chris Broad and his interest in Japanese-born English - I discovered there a new word: カフェインレスコーヒー. Among other finds on this trip was a pork ramen restaurant called Groin Groin in Asakusa. Connor, you and Chris should go there definitely!! :D
Ger Aldo
Ger Aldo 3 napja
A real life Philip J. Fry. 100 coffees down.
Ethan Chung
Ethan Chung 3 napja
Try evry single biscuit
Lindsay Hill
Lindsay Hill 4 napja
That's just pure sugar!?!?!?! .........That's probably something I would like
vincent rickard
Hi mom
Connor if you know what bullet-proof coffee is then you know why butter coffee exists.
Joestrr 9 napja
Thats a toilet accident waiting to hapoen
Rocky Archambeau
I've lived in the Seattle area my whole life and I can tell you Mt. Rainer coffee latte is not sold here
Boog ?
Boog ? 9 napja
*kidney stones have entered the chat*
SuperGourmetguy 10 napja
agree UK starbucks is god awful
Curtis Unichi
Curtis Unichi 10 napja
Hi Connor
Tommb616 10 napja
This trend of drowning coffee and tea with sugar makes me sad. I blame Starbucks for this shit.
i wonder if the mt. rainier brand was trying to capitalize on the popularity of starbucks. the logo kind of looks like it
Mason Matey
Mason Matey 10 napja
I've actually got homemade coffee jelly in my fridge rn it's super easy to make and absolutely delicious
Mason Matey
Mason Matey 10 napja
Kusuo Saiki is crying at the end of this video
Brandon Olson
Brandon Olson 12 napja
Hooray! :) TIL there are 2 other canned coffee lovers somewhere in the world.
Max T
Max T 12 napja
I've never seen Mt. Rainer Coffee in Seattle
anmol saxena
anmol saxena 12 napja
what caffeine does to a mf
Moo 13 napja
Mount Rainier was usually my go-to at convenience stores.
Enpitsun 13 napja
Oh is this man of culture? Does he know Snatch. Let me know.
goodbadone 14 napja
Triggered that he does not shake a single one of them.
Este-Banned!! 15 napja
Nobody will read this, but I think the problem was the sugar, no the coffee... and also the coffee
Norin Shrestha
Norin Shrestha 16 napja
When I was in Japan , my favourite used to be 上島
jeremeh911 16 napja
boss is in australia too. i hope youre shaking these cans first
M T 16 napja
Connor who are you really, why do you like both really bitter and really sweet coffee
Kyle Rutter
Kyle Rutter 16 napja
I have Boss Coffee vending machine tattooed on my leg I love the stuff so much. Am I the asshole?
Stewart 17 napja
He’s becoming like fry in the coffee episode
Christina Borges
Conner literally turned into Gordon Ramsay for this video😂
Leafbeach 17 napja
Have you ever tried Swedish coffee, black as the night itself, as an avid coffee drinker and an speculant to travel to Japan, if you have tried swedish blend, how does it compare? No sugar of course
FG 15 napja
I did like the coffee I had when I went to sweden. If you like black coffee, and don't mind cold coffee or cold brew, some of the canned black ones are actually pretty decent for store bought. They are very inexpensive so you can try a few to find the brand you like. I especially like the aluminium ones with a twist cap, since they close fully sealed, I would put them in my bag for travelling. Also, being cold I could buy them the night before. I personally don't like café au lait or sweetened coffee so I can't agree with Connor opinion.
frank zappa
frank zappa 17 napja
how about 3 a day for the next products?
Kai Dragoon
Kai Dragoon 17 napja
He went from looking tired to WAY AWAKE to exhausted and dead in side in the span of 30 minutes
Someone 17 napja
999.08k views ey so close to a million
Ma Kako
Ma Kako 18 napja
A man drank 4 liters of coffee. This is what happened to his youtube channel.
YamiAlex224 19 napja
I cut back on coffee. I used to drink 3-4 when the store in the city I used to live in had free coffee days. 4-5 when I lived in a very bad situation. Now I drink at least one a day or none
Sally Hsu
Sally Hsu 20 napja
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez 20 napja
That second coffee looks like when you’re out of creamer and only manage to get a drop in your coffee.
Shinocx 20 napja
24:47 British eel jelly: YOU F**KING MUPPET
Puppuri 20 napja
Connor just became budget James Hoffman
Ro Noble
Ro Noble 20 napja
I’m American so I didn’t care for your angry tea review lol. However, I take my coffee seriously and don’t like watery sugar shit. Rich, light milk, two spoons of sugar is how I like my cup.
Random Person
Random Person 22 napja
Coffee: Doesn’t taste as bitter as the whole of England Conner: *Triggered*
M̧éan͡ ̶S̸pi̸r͢ited̵ ̢Mirth
I could never do this! Coffee makes me have to poop like every 20 minutes.
Angela Raafiki Roadcone
I wanna freeze the jelly coffee then blend it then drink it.
Josh Phelps
Josh Phelps 23 napja
butter coffee is popular with people on the keto diet
ღ Albedo Kreideprinz ღ
Heh this video has 69k lol kes
Depopa 25 napja
bruh 5 coffees a day? you got a serious caffeine addiction, and need a detox.
Boy Aditya
Boy Aditya 25 napja
18:07 actually espresso have 3 calories 😁😌
Glenn Schmidt
Glenn Schmidt 28 napja
I was just waiting for him to transend like that episode in Futurama
Teagan Williams
Teagan Williams 28 napja
21:17 dirt water, pleasent dirt water. The kind that you would take home to your parents. Yup, he is now going insane.
Teagan Williams
Teagan Williams 28 napja
At 20:11 you just like were a complete mess. And did you see he quit spiting them out? I thought you were worried bro.
THEORY 28 napja
The crunch on that jelly coffee is concerning
Sophia Canfield
Sophia Canfield 29 napja
* sniffs the coffee * “Good taste good taste” Loooool
Parisa Mazloom
Parisa Mazloom 29 napja
Anyone else more attracted to Connor in this video than usual?
steelersrg8 29 napja
Coffee pudding can’t be that bad since the most powerful psychic in fiction loves coffee pudding. (It’s coffee pudding not coffee jello Idc what the new Netflix subs call it)
LiftinAndGamin Hónapja
no that coffee does not exist in seattle as a seattle resident, starbucks of course does which is actually from seattle
Electric_Eye Hónapja
Connor's pancreas has left the building as diabetes has now set in.
Shadowolf Hónapja
I'm late into this series. And I worry about Connor sometimes. He's about thr same age as me and my dude. I can see the red forming under your eyes. You don't need to put yourself through this. Even tho its quite entertaining.
Mirai141 Hónapja
This is the legal equivalent of doing Coke and Weed simultaneously
Nanite Fox
Nanite Fox Hónapja
I have heart palpations and drink coffee... my heart feels like its melting, but its fine
iNFINITY 52 Hónapja
*A man drunk all the japanese coffe brand, this is what happen to his sanity*
Hunter Hónapja
maybe cause I'm an American, but I want to try all the coffee's he rated mid or lower
Aditha Aroshana
Aditha Aroshana Hónapja
Igor Malusevic
Igor Malusevic Hónapja
well that depends on you taste, everyone have different taste and they make available for every taste. Maybe you like butter or little sugar coffee but for example i love extra sweet. Also, i like jelly and most Japanese like jelly in any for. So if you don't like you can normally say but you cant say that those who make is wrong because they put so much sugar and like jelly.
Arbalest Hónapja
Not a fan of the "whacky" FX or weird camera angles. Would've prefered a more sensible comparison without the over-the-top production. (But i am new here, so i recon that's his style?)
Poop Brain
Poop Brain Hónapja
you are what you eat.
Catt Hónapja
lmao as someone from Washington I can confirm Mt. Rainer is here
kama nama
kama nama Hónapja
Certified Guinness book record holder of the most Japanese coffee drinks drank in one sitting
Aaron Graham
Aaron Graham Hónapja
not gonna lie I actually really liked Boss Black Coffee when I was in Japan.
Dax Hallman
Dax Hallman Hónapja
I came from the crisp video.
Kronk Hónapja
Good luck sleeping
Caffeine doesn’t seem to affect me, may be due to sleep apnea *LETS TRY IT*
Nico Legasto
Nico Legasto Hónapja
How is he still not on life support? With all the teas, instant noodles, alcohol he chugged with Chris, and now this, how is he still functioning?
nonime Hónapja
Thank you Connor for keeping me company while I'm doing math at midnight
nonime Hónapja
Connor looks like he's high in this vid xd
Kitzhun - キッティ
Oh, those awful vending machine coffees. So fucking awful. I love Japan, I really do, but those Boss ones were literal hell. Most of them tasted like used, dirty water with a hint of coffee flavoring. Absolute the lowest and somehow one of the funniest part of our trip in Japan. We tried new ones every day to start a day with disappointment. :D The best coffee we had was Starbucks. Starbucks...
Rohan Kishibe
Rohan Kishibe Hónapja
2:10 you look like pewdiepie
CorpusDelecti13 Hónapja
Not seeing if he shakes the containers first is triggering
Floofysugar• uwu
Add a “Hugo” to the Boss and BOOM A clothing brand
Gro Skunk
Gro Skunk Hónapja
What's wrong with sweet coffee?
nanimuwu Hónapja
I've never seen someone look so alive yet dead at the same time.
Dekopon Hónapja
*smells coffee "good taste good taste" *Drink coffee "nice smell"
Tasmia Tabassum Ruponty
They say 50 to 100 cups of coffee may kill you
Jackie Hónapja
Connor this is quite concerning considering you can die from caffeine overdose this video was a worry to watch
We have Suntory Boss coffee in Australia. It was only introduced in 2019. It is very popular with the local gym junkies because they can have an iced coffee without the caleries/sugar (because Aussie iced coffee is nothing but glorified flavored sugary milk)
Rokuro 1737
Rokuro 1737 Hónapja
I just live off of my Nespresso machine.
Ray Hónapja
*Connor saying Lawson's coffee is great after sh*ting on every other coffee* Me:are you perhaps...biased?
kyler Hónapja
I grew up right outside of Seattle and have never heard of Mt. Rainier coffee. But the actual mountain/volcano itself is very pretty! I'm curious to try the coffee now, especially after the good ratings xD
celotape14 Hónapja
Connor tries every Japanese energy drink.
Bo Hónapja
27:41 damn he's really shitting on saiki's taste-
Mimiru Dollfie
Mimiru Dollfie Hónapja
My heart would explode if I attempted to make this type of video... I like coffee but I can't drink it anymore because I'm sensitive to caffeine. I'm glad your still alive after drinking that much... 😅 Love you Connor! 😍
FaiNted Hónapja
I fuckin forgot that it was a JAPANESE coffee review wtf
nightmare egg
nightmare egg Hónapja
gonna have mad shits
Kay Simpson
Kay Simpson Hónapja
The most coffee I have had in 1day was 3 litres and slept as soon as I went to bed lol it was great
Silentwatch Hónapja
The JOY of caffeine...
Ellen Hayhurst
Ellen Hayhurst Hónapja
Do one with onigiris
maitland72 Hónapja
I'm a big fan of Blue Bottle myself, but it is a little pricey, even in the US.
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