I Try EVERY Japanese Ramen 

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I bought as many Japanese ramen as possible and tried them, I am the right person to try all these Japanese ramen. I do love the ramen in Japan, lets see which is the best.

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CDawgVA 7 hónapja
Still regretting this
karakun1 Hónapja
5:00 that was a bad move on that chop stick.
Cy Cy
Cy Cy Hónapja
hey there connorsseur
AxeltheKing Hónapja
Pls don’t die yet. You still have a lot of video to do. Bro.
Zed Hónapja
why youtube is always recommending me your videos ? 🤨 i just miss japan especially that nissin ramen 😋
krischai srihanu
Would you recommend where too buy these ramen online
Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
Man gonna pass a kidney stone the size of a boulder
MegaMoto85 Napja
dont fall in love with the noodles, or the noodles will fall in love with you
Carlos Calixto
Next thai food for you to try: blood soup. Go!
Terry Love
Terry Love 2 napja
If you want to see a REAL eater hutown.info/base/vide/mGinxYyXk6bWndE.html&ab_channel=BeardMeatsFood
Meappp xD
Meappp xD 3 napja
That's probably the worst i've seen someone cook freaking instant noodles
crestfire 3 napja
Don't waste food, even if you have budget for it. Maybe invite friends to finish it up with you.
moreblack 4 napja
6:37 is why demonitized happen?
Nope NotGonna
Nope NotGonna 4 napja
For years I misread the Cup-o-Noodles manufacturer as Nissan. They make noodles AND cars? What don’t these people do?
Kathleen Tan
Kathleen Tan 6 napja
You called cup or bowl noodles garbage, so don't bother to find which is your favourite. Mind your language!
Juan pablo gonzalez
I see the word stand from jojo
Hayden Yeoh
Hayden Yeoh 7 napja
Hi Mr. Connor
Magician man13
Click 2 then 6 and enjoy
Shut da hell up
Shut da hell up 10 napja
6:36 lmfaooooo
DavidByDaylight 12 napja
That MONSTER will kill you before the noodles.
Ambition 12 napja
The reactions were epic lmfao
まんまん 12 napja
Mein Kraft
Mein Kraft 13 napja
was sio good?
Ben Fox
Ben Fox 13 napja
When Conners kettle sees the table “ gulp “
heriyanto lim
heriyanto lim 14 napja
"Cheap instant garbage" Uni student: The audacity!!!!
GalacticBlue 14 napja
Imagine how many times he needed to go back to boil the water 😂
Mark Catalonia
Mark Catalonia 15 napja
call noah
Alex Moult
Alex Moult 15 napja
Off topic, but donating to a food charity to make up for wasting the ramen was actually pretty cool of you.
Neri 15 napja
Bruh what? everyone knows Maruchan is superior.
• Jos-Poonie •
" let me drink a bit of the kimchi " as a korean american i have never heard someone DRINK kimchi until today -
Abcputt 16 napja
so waht's the kimchi one ?
Tetsurō Kuroo
Tetsurō Kuroo 17 napja
Bro why did I watch this at 3am- I'm hunger asf ahhh
Clement Aiden
Clement Aiden 17 napja
We've got a bit of that papa franku vibe ongoing on.
connor paterson
connor paterson 18 napja
Pot noodles are great, as a man who could live off them yes they are shite but so good
Fuxy22 19 napja
Pot noodles tastes like shit to me... I had some proper Japanese instant ramen frim a local Asian shop and I can't go back
BLACKHEXE 19 napja
hahaha be beaten by ramen
Hendrik Schokker
Nissin UFO yakisoba noodes is the best though I also love the samyang chicken flavour (crazy spicy) noodles.
Anubhav Patil
Anubhav Patil 20 napja
Conor saying buy this brand but not even showing which brand 🙂🙃........ Conor wtf
sol porter
sol porter 21 napja
I feel you need to come back to the UK there's at least 50 flavours of ramen and quite a few different kitkats
tbonbrad 21 napja
4:33 "Hi, I'm Bob the Tornado."🍅"and I'm Larry the Shootcumber."🥒
M̧éan͡ ̶S̸pi̸r͢ited̵ ̢Mirth
Welp, someone's got a tapeworm now...
Kylee Jinkins
Kylee Jinkins 23 napja
4:30 tomato lol I’m dead 😂
Pakesh De
Pakesh De 23 napja
I have this vision of conner one night staggering to the bathroom and the hall closet just buries him in bad cup o noodles, like * hey were back, more sodium and bad cheese orange sauce for YOU!*
Liu kang
Liu kang 24 napja
A J 25 napja
Channeling your inner Franku like.... Uuunnnnnggghhhhhhoooooooooo
Michael Stapelberg
This video is interoperate
Raven Wolf
Raven Wolf 26 napja
I'm getting an nostalgic feeling and miss my friends again .
Ethan Jorstad
Ethan Jorstad 26 napja
I need a list of all these ramen that you liked lol I want to try them
SRV 27 napja
Alternate title: British guys try Ramen in British way
Ossu 28 napja
yes do cofee
Glenn Schmidt
Glenn Schmidt 28 napja
Ive just recently started watching you glad I'm not the only one who hates all the milk and cheese flavors in alot of japanese foods expecialy prossesed
Kazzandra Rodriguez
Coffee time! Do it!
Bo Baxmann
Bo Baxmann 29 napja
sub +1
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Hónapja
I fell asleep and woke up thinking this was a collab with Sam o Nella cause of the music
SirStash Hónapja
that next shit must of been terrible
Bubblitea Hónapja
Those cup noodles look huge compared to American cup noodles what the heck.
jess Egger
jess Egger Hónapja
Connor: "AHHH PAIN I feel terrible >.
LL Hónapja
Connor!! Why did you skip the Smoky and Spicy ‘SIO’ Cup Noodles!! I was waiting for that one.. 🥲
Nathan C
Nathan C Hónapja
What’s with the footage being cut at times and skipping some cups? 7:26 he starts with 5 cups on the table, only tries and rates 3, what happened to the other 2? And there’s more examples of this throughout the video.
En Ay
En Ay Hónapja
The perfect college student budget guide
Igor Malusevic
Igor Malusevic Hónapja
instead you eat all in one video you can make in few parts so you can eat all and you will not overeat
kama nama
kama nama Hónapja
You shouldn’t mix them all together at the end and tried it
kama nama
kama nama Hónapja
Once again Guinness book of world records of salt intake
kama nama
kama nama Hónapja
Stop hating yourself please
Cecilia Hónapja
I want noodles now haha.
Zander Fischer
Zander Fischer Hónapja
Connor, I love ya, but almost every time you say something about Americans, it’s wrong lmao
Phan ファン
Phan ファン Hónapja
9:59 "let's give it a shot, JOEY"
Senior Hónapja
Pot Noodle hasn't got shit on these.
thepokekid01 Hónapja
15:12 All that complaining while I see him take out the Ra-Oh brand ramen. Boys and Girls, he don't know what he's in for! That said, after he said he loved the seafood flavor I could tell he was a man of supreme taste and culture even though he was too nice about that British Restaurant's fish and chips from when he went with Chris Broad to that Amusement Park videos back. That said, apparently I need to try Kimchi and Thai Curry flavor.
thepokekid01 Hónapja
Here I am, watching another voice actor gorge themselves on junk food...
KL Hónapja
i've had much of those bowl type noodle and boyyyy are they fking good..... the cup ones have nothing to compare to those.. well, they are more expensive too, maybe thats why
Green05 Hónapja
Why am I making myself hungry at 2 in the morning?
Why just why did I watch this video now I want ramen noodles and I'm allergic to ramen 🥲
Garry Chen
Garry Chen Hónapja
Lived for 2 years in the Philippines, food was good. But definitely not even Top 10 cuisine.
Monkey Beans
Monkey Beans Hónapja
This bastard made me open up my last packet of ramen Gosh darn it IM WEAK
WTF_Dangit Hónapja
Japanese ice cream video sounds like a fun waste of food and money 😃
Quinn Bloodmoon
Quinn Bloodmoon Hónapja
6:37 did Conner just cream himself? 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣
라엘 Hónapja
Dat first pic isn't ramen
라엘 Hónapja
That's yakiudon tho
라엘 Hónapja
@Reese if u say so(・・?)
Reese Hónapja
Yes it is.
Zayden Hónapja
Pretty sure that yellow orange sauce in that one was supposed to be an egg yolk.
Haydunk Hónapja
Everyone is ignoring the 500$ donation he made. while it doesn’t change the world, I am really happy to see the thought he put into it, and I hope the charities use it well :D
egg Hónapja
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine Hónapja
Isabel. Cockroach🪳
This sounds amazing
Brent Weir
Brent Weir Hónapja
YES do a coffee one. Instand and brewed pleasseee :)
Reese Hónapja
He already did a video on coffee.
ReyDaMyuzishin Hónapja
As a Filipino, Thai food is my favorite Asian cuisine so I'm not mad at all for what you said. 🤣
Aditya Trivedi
Aditya Trivedi Hónapja
Amazing vid want more 🙂
Woodcock Hónapja
Connor: If you ever come to Japan, get this brand Also Connor: *Doesn't say which brand or flavor it is.* unless I'm just dumb
Soundjacker Hónapja
9:59 mans turned into Gordon Ramsey
Shanmuga Sundaram Rajesh
6:15 Connor: "Thailand got the best food" Me: * laughs in indian*
0pposite Hónapja
Why didn't you film this over two or three days, like a sane person would?
villain Katsuki Bakugo
he knows nick- oh lord save us
LilMizz Wendy
LilMizz Wendy Hónapja
Watching this while eating ramen. Seems about right.
cupidskiss love
cupidskiss love Hónapja
Please please please do coffee and if I can order coffee from Japan online and it's good I would totally do that
cupidskiss love
cupidskiss love Hónapja
Nvm i see he did coffee one
Harvey Cheng
Harvey Cheng Hónapja
Did I really just hear you say you think pot noodles tastes good.
Vijayalakshmi Hónapja
u donating money to a food charity since u know ur gonna waste food is just great. respect!
Master Shifus dad
Bro how are you gonna do the unhealthiest video possible and choose to drink MONSTER with it???
ThatDumbSimp Hónapja
lalilulelo Hónapja
My favorite cup noodles from Japan is Maruchan QTTA Tonkotsu.
fear less
fear less Hónapja
that failed a test ramen looks kinda good
Aris To The Throne
now he's gotta do crisp
blazed Hónapja
Why did you skip so many flavors? You're definitely not getting my sub.
blazed Hónapja
@Reese Who asked you, simp?
Reese Hónapja
He can only eat so much ramen in one day before he gets sick from it. We also don’t care if you sub or not.
How much did you spend on trash bags after this ?
Robert Eo speedwagon
Conners reaction to the goood 🍜 is just pure food wars vibe with the orgasum face
IMMentat Hónapja
green curry cup noodles, amazon don't fail me now. update, amazon let me down :/
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