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CDawgVA 3 hónapja
dbzcupcake 19 napja
Lezhin: look up "A perverts Daily life" start at the "Perverts' Daily lives" for chest milk girl or "perverts daily lives 2" for her sister and office working tsundere
Slith Jump
Slith Jump Hónapja
Mouse is a Kuudere
RO-Q Hónapja
The Pawn is allways bigger on your own side😂
David Yodo
David Yodo Hónapja
Bruhh moment
Kuroo Tetsurou
Kuroo Tetsurou Hónapja
Ben Donahue
"Now I would argue that futanari is horror" lmao
KoalazDank Napja
Eye patch genera: exists *Rikku has left the chat*
Matkingos Napja
Connor: i love succubus. I hate horns. At this point Connor's brain had stopped thinking.
Gian Flores
Gian Flores 2 napja
I identify as an NTR connoisseur.
Sir Waddles Dee Third
Good thing guro isn't here
SBB illutionist
Connor : I'm never dissapointed when there are glasses (9:35) Me : 177013
Hyper kun
Hyper kun 3 napja
I mean I personally enjoy futanari as I feel like im bisexual And I enjoy autofellatio, so both are a perfect mix =autofutallatio There is a lot of weird futanari tho, its not that easy to find some normal hot ones And I also think lactation is hot(so maybe even with futanari even better)
Lmao that Simpsons thing
Fraccles 4 napja
Was that..."Half Garnt, Half human hybrid" ???
where is the rape category
Calacas 6 napja
Uhh Connor I don’t think that’s what the list meant by “X-Ray”
ctrl.s 7 napja
bruh they're tags not genres and thank god for that. how else am i gonna find my beauty mark girls
Princesa Pudim
XD afraid of do that list... maybe will looking disturbing @-@
Nami Miyahara
Nami Miyahara 8 napja
As a teacher, I'm glad to see teachers finally represented by someone.
Andrei Mier
Andrei Mier 8 napja
Calling aki HAHA 😹
Andrei Mier
Andrei Mier 8 napja
Calling aki HAHA 😹
Accelator NamMage
fact:Your parent caught you watching hentai fact:Do not drink warm milk #stop_drink_warm_milk
Bogdan Kavatsiuk
AnimationGaming Nerd
Joey "forgot" about the loli tag noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ruth Ilano
Ruth Ilano 10 napja
oh this is so fuckin funny
tua prima
tua prima 11 napja
I want the opposite genre of muscles there I want chubby girls getting represented
UsagiWhiteNight 11 napja
Can someone tell me what that tier program is? Oh my god cheating is not okay, no matter how.
orroz1 11 napja
"Wish I had some of my own" ... cries in scrawny wimp
Red 12 napja
Thumbnail sauces?
aca pan
aca pan 12 napja
I'm quite disappointed that milf tag is not included in the tier list.. 🤦
artturi siikanen
14:53 finally we agree i love it in animes when ever there is a higher ranked female love interest like failed knight,princess lover,hundred,sholin sample etc those shows i dont mind if mc ends up with only 1 girl as long as its the ojousama But i hate if she is a tsundere and calls mc peasant or what ever its fucking annoying
artturi siikanen
i really want to hear someone rant about futas and ntr and ub with a long video since all of those should not exist
DoctorShroom 14 napja
Give artist tier list.
Starbeyond 14 napja
I like how Loli wasn't one of the options
WAIFU ofYURI 14 napja
It's spicy😂😂😂😂😂
CheerUp2 14 napja
Damn these are pretty tame tags
Dream DeviL
Dream DeviL 15 napja
So basically you want a ripped maid teacher succubus to bite you :D
Sender 15 napja
so Conor likes to be pegged and dominated, mky
Jaqués 15 napja
"lactation" killed me
theman 15 napja
I think Connor doesn't get what a tag is... Tags aren't genres, it's just something you include.
CorpusDelecti13 15 napja
Biting is, and always will be, S.
Bla ze
Bla ze 17 napja
19:48 We love that cuz this is a truly domination, it’s in our blood, we enjoy when arrogant girl or guy suffer. Some girls like to see how ugly woman penetrates man’s ass and do other weird stuff, so boys love “ugly bastard” tag, where really disgusting man do the same things with girls
Bla ze
Bla ze 17 napja
Wtf man, why pegging is B? Are you all right? I’ll never let a women get something into my anus, omg
僕神である 17 napja
Hoe is submissive and breedable
johnnyxz10 17 napja
Consent is very attractive, proceeds to add cheating A tier
Sjivje 19 napja
As a female I like 'Ugly Bastard' but I probably shouldn't give the details as to why here on HUtown LOL
Smoll Boi
Smoll Boi 20 napja
Boi wth is biting is someone gonna get their pp biten off?
Roan Rodenmar
Roan Rodenmar 20 napja
It's quite telling that Connor just wants to be dominated by his sexual partners.
battuvshin batzorig
what? what's the difference between cheating and NTR?
Spoof Mgee
Spoof Mgee 20 napja
Where tf my Yuri gang at
Kartikey Vishnoi
Beauty marks are underrated
gavin5o 21 napja
what's ntr?!?!?!?!
Red 12 napja
Stay pure
The Lord of The Weebs
Teacher, nurse, basically all the works of woman in an outfit is hot asf.
Shams Rizwi
Shams Rizwi 22 napja
Where is yaoi and yuri
AK Kamal
AK Kamal 22 napja
Oi where's incest
Dan The Plan Man
6:46 *B A S E D*
Salt 23 napja
Cheating: A NTR: F ???
Matthew McBride
Matthew McBride 23 napja
Why does he sound like Boris Johnson at the start
andrew martinez
andrew martinez 23 napja
Yea hes Definitely a sub
Fireskull333 24 napja
Connor: I won't fuck a cat girl. Also Connor: Cats are S tier.
Freddie 24 napja
1iving deadgr1
1iving deadgr1 24 napja
Connors definitely a sub
Nello x
Nello x 26 napja
immagin your mum watching this video.
The Glint 217
The Glint 217 26 napja
On behalf of all futa lovers, wtf? Pegging is more sus than futa. Then again, futa on female and futa on futa are the only genre I enjoy whole heartedly, keep that futa on male shizz away from me....
GoldenNeko 26 napja
You can tell he doesnt read doujins by his lack of knowledge about some of these tags
mike hawk
mike hawk 27 napja
The thing about Ugly Bastard is that everything else thats in there is all S tier stuff. Ugly bastard itself not very good but it ALWAYS follows greatness
Zebra 28 napja
Imagine this kinda video, but with the real degen tags
Flex 28 napja
6:48 "consent is very attractive" these events came right after cheating got into A tier. Connor I'm gonna call some cap
Rangga 28 napja
6:14 really connor? Really? Ok maan im gonna leave this channel
Eden Thomas
Eden Thomas 29 napja
You didn't have shota, my favourite genre
Arthur Bekaert
Arthur Bekaert 29 napja
12:05 for when I want to laugh
Electric_Eye Hónapja
Hmmm.... Connor really seems to love the Ugly Bastard genre, lmao xD
kAnsuke videos
kAnsuke videos Hónapja
Consensus attractive but also cheating ;) that basically what you said
DatCameraMON Hónapja
That blustering at the "Horns" tag though . . . :thinking_face: AND The S ranking for "Succubus" as well.
MOODY ♪ Hónapja
ntr makes me feel mad like how i felt about mami nanami 😂
Thomas Cohnen
Thomas Cohnen Hónapja
"Consent is important, that´s why i put Forced on F". .... You´ve put Horror and Impregnation on E, mate. I don´t want to revoke deep-buried can-not-unseen scenes in my memory, but let me tell you: ´Forced´ is the light part of the Horror and Impregnation tags.
CrazyPunkCat Hónapja
Now we need to find a Hentai with all his S Tier Tags! This would be Connors ultimate nutting expierience! xD But for real: A succubus who works as a teacher and likes to wear a maid costume in her free time AND goes to the gym regulary sounds somehow awesome!
Gun PW
Gun PW Hónapja
he made the spats dirty...
Ignacio Brustenga
X ray tag inst that lmao
Karma7711 Hónapja
youre jojo fan name a non canon stand
CustomCh33s3 Hónapja
Great list.
m._xnv Hónapja
"this genre should not exist" no mf i don't go throughout those tags like this the only shit i want to fap to , its more like customization of the girl u wanna see , go through some tags , see all the good reads that match your taste and its a win win , its better having billions of tags depicting small details like beauty mark cause sometimes i wanna read an old doujin which i don't remember the name of and i can just go through that tag and find it easily
ぶた太郎 Hónapja
NTR F tier ? Ok you have potential to like NTR .
Mint Windz
Mint Windz Hónapja
my man rly just said cats are s tier on this video, THIS video
ᴍɪss ᴘᴜʀғᴇᴄᴛ🤡
I-wat hen..tai???!
Lil Porky
Lil Porky Hónapja
NTR is like orgasm denial for the soul.
Jhan Banzon
Jhan Banzon Hónapja
The ugly bastard tag should have been in an "absolute-state house tier".
lukas Hónapja
mans doesn't know the difference between a tag and a genre bruh
H Dawg
H Dawg Hónapja
Connor has immaculate taste.
GGA007Gaming Hónapja
Impregnation is hot because to our instinct its literally what we are on this earth for its not a kink or whatever because of a verbal reason but because we are driven to do it as the human race and as mammals. Thats really the only way i can explain it to be honest. Cause its not necessarily hot to people because of our imagination or thoughts or wards but because its literally genetically wired into us. Just like men being attracted to younger women its an instinct thing from thousands of years of men dating younger women.
As a wise man once said. "It's called hentai, and it's art!" Stanley Hudson from a deleted scene in the office
Teariki Toroa
Teariki Toroa Hónapja
Connor: * puts muscles in S * Ah yes a true jojo fan
Gheto knight
Gheto knight Hónapja
this guy low ranked catgirls, and cheating is high? bro u good?
Jaytaku Designs
Jaytaku Designs Hónapja
This video is just further proof that Connor is a bottom and that’s so valid XD
Dead Cat
Dead Cat Hónapja
Connor put the dot back on. *PUT IT ON CONNOR-*
Omnicloudx13 Hónapja
I don't get how you have Vanilla and Cheating in the same tier right next to each other, isn't that an oxymoron.
Asasphinx Hónapja
I assume Connor thought the spats tag referred to the shoes as there's no justifiable reason anyone would rank it in E.
SpeedyGD Hónapja
“So what’s the Beauty Mark genre?” “It’s like any normal genre, but they have a beauty mark.”
Thabisile Patience Hleza
I like how his voice breakes when he knows he might get sue🤣🤣🤣
Julia Eskander
Julia Eskander Hónapja
Today I have learned that Connor just realy wants a dom-girl in a uniform
Gerard Mourits
Gerard Mourits Hónapja
He denied the beauty mark tag but placed everything it's associated with near the top. How can you enjoy office ladies/teachers/ nurses without the finishing touch! How can you eat that pizza without the drink man!
Heart Pupils and Catgirls being so low, I’m shook.
A Guy Gaming
A Guy Gaming Hónapja
Me during this whole video: "SHEEEEEESH"
Space Cadet
Space Cadet Hónapja
1:38 it’s very educational right next to crotch tattoo
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